What Kind of Cosmetics Do You Use?What Kind of Cosmetics Do You Use?

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What Kind of Cosmetics Do You Use?

Hi. My name's Misty. I used to buy and use the least expensive cosmetics I could find. After all, I was on a budget and couldn’t afford the costly ones. What I didn’t factor in was the fact that many of the inexpensive cosmetics were causing me to have skin issues. I would develop acne out of nowhere, and at my age that was rather embarrassing. My skin would be dry all the time, and other little things like that. My inexpensive cosmetics were causing me to spend money on acne medications, lotions, and remedies to fix the damage they caused. I didn’t put this together until I decided to splurge and try some different cosmetics that claimed to be good for your skin. Sure, they cost more, but there’s a reason for that. I’m going to share more about this in the hope it will help you too.

Sensible Steps Toward More Youthful-Looking Facial Skin

You only get one face in this life. Even if you somehow relished the notion of undergoing agonizing, expensive surgical procedures, you'd still be left with the same skin you started out with. That skin can suffer from wrinkles, dryness premature aging, or even cancer unless you take steps to safeguard. Here are some simple yet effective strategies for keeping your facial skin as healthy and youthful-looking as possible. Keep UV at Bay Read More