What Kind of Cosmetics Do You Use?What Kind of Cosmetics Do You Use?

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What Kind of Cosmetics Do You Use?

Hi. My name's Misty. I used to buy and use the least expensive cosmetics I could find. After all, I was on a budget and couldn’t afford the costly ones. What I didn’t factor in was the fact that many of the inexpensive cosmetics were causing me to have skin issues. I would develop acne out of nowhere, and at my age that was rather embarrassing. My skin would be dry all the time, and other little things like that. My inexpensive cosmetics were causing me to spend money on acne medications, lotions, and remedies to fix the damage they caused. I didn’t put this together until I decided to splurge and try some different cosmetics that claimed to be good for your skin. Sure, they cost more, but there’s a reason for that. I’m going to share more about this in the hope it will help you too.

FAQs About Organic And Natural Skin Care Products

When you buy organic foods, it means you're getting edible products that contain no pesticides, synthetic growth hormones, or other toxic additives. The same is true when you choose organic cosmetics.

Personal care products manufacturing companies that offer organic cosmetics, allow you to a choice as to what you put on your skin. The ingredients in organic cosmetics were derived using organic farming methods and are free of toxic chemicals and additives.

So, does this make organic better than natural? Here are some FAQs about organic products.

How Does Organic And Natural Differ?

Organic and natural do differ. So, it's important to understand the difference before selecting one or the other.

Organic is always natural, but natural is not always organic. Organic is also non-GMO and the products are farmed without pesticides, chemicals, or artificial fertilizers.

Natural products may have chemicals. However, they also have natural ingredients. If you buy natural or organic skincare, this doesn't always mean the product is also vegan or cruelty-free.

Read labels carefully on both natural and organic products to see what's listed. If you want vegan or cruelty-free products, look for cosmetics that state it on the product label.

What Is Organic Or Natural Better?

Whether you buy natural organic skincare products comes down to preference. One is not really "better" than the other in terms of use.

Both natural and organic products share some of the same attributes.

  • Safe for the environment- Both come from products grown and manufactured in a way that reduces negative effects on our ecosystem.
  • Safe for skin-Both contain ingredients that are safe for the skin and help you avoid negative health effects from toxins.
  • Safer for animals-Many private label organ persona care products and natural products don't test on animals and are cruelty-free. Check labels!

Organic products may contain synthetic or animal ingredients. If a product is at least 95 percent organic, it can claim to be organic by USDA standards.

Why Do Organic Or Natural Ingredients Matter?

Your skin absorbs the products you apply to it, so this means chemicals and other additives used in traditional cosmetic products. Using organic and/or natural products reduces the number of harmful ingredients your skin takes in.

Another reason is that natural and organic products are better for the environment because of the manufacturing process that is used to create them.

While organic cosmetics may not work "better" than synthetic products, they do help you keep toxins out of the skin and body. It's always a good idea to carefully read product labels, so you know exactly what's in a product. Be sure to look for private-label organic personal care products at a beauty shop near you.