What Kind of Cosmetics Do You Use?What Kind of Cosmetics Do You Use?

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What Kind of Cosmetics Do You Use?

Hi. My name's Misty. I used to buy and use the least expensive cosmetics I could find. After all, I was on a budget and couldn’t afford the costly ones. What I didn’t factor in was the fact that many of the inexpensive cosmetics were causing me to have skin issues. I would develop acne out of nowhere, and at my age that was rather embarrassing. My skin would be dry all the time, and other little things like that. My inexpensive cosmetics were causing me to spend money on acne medications, lotions, and remedies to fix the damage they caused. I didn’t put this together until I decided to splurge and try some different cosmetics that claimed to be good for your skin. Sure, they cost more, but there’s a reason for that. I’m going to share more about this in the hope it will help you too.

Fuller Cheeks Without Surgery: 3 Approaches To Those Babyface Cheeks You Have Always Wanted

Full, round cheeks have long been associated with youth and beauty. Some people who are born with round-shaped faces or heart-shaped faces just naturally have full cheeks. If you were not so blessed, or if your full cheeks are looking a little hollow these days, there are three approaches you can use to help them round out again.

Belly up to the Table

While this may not be the best option for most people because gaining too much weight brings added health risks, a little extra pudge can fill out those cheeks. If you are especially thin or gaunt, the hollowness or sagging of your cheeks will be more pronounced with age and make you look even older than you are. Ask your doctor how much extra weight is still safe for you to gain and carry around, and then gain the weight eating larger portions of healthy foods. The healthy nutrients in your larger portions will also make your slightly pudgier cheeks look smooth and pink.

Purchase and Use Cheek-Plumping Cosmetics

These are facial moisturizers that contain peptides and added plumping chemicals. The plumping chemicals infuse your skin's top layers with more moisture than usual, "bloating" the skin cells out and making your cheeks pop. Make sure that if you choose this option, you consult a dermatologist for products that will not irritate your skin or are ineffective knock-offs of more effective products. You should be able to find what you are looking for in a high-end department store or spa salon.

Investing in Cosmetic Surgery

There are products that only a plastic surgeon can offer you to treat your cheek regions. Products like Juvederm are injected under the skin to add volume to your cheeks. These "cheek fillers" last up to a year before you will begin to notice a downward drag on your face again. Women really like seeing the results of these gel fillers, and the downtime is really minimal. 

Cheek Implants

The artificial cheek fillers and chubby cheeks acquired via weight gain both give you a really good idea of what your face would look like if your cheeks were fuller all the time. However, weight gain is only a viable option if you are already slender, and artificial cheek fillers do have their side effects. If you want a more permanent solution, your cosmetic surgeon can make tiny incisions near your jawline or hairline and place cheek implants. Your rounded, taught cheeks will last indefinitely when you choose cheek implants.

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